Diana Grace @ GloryHole.com

Diana is going to get back at that nasty BF who had the gall to cheat on her in the best way she can think of.

She is going to head down to her local Glory Hole and take photos and video of her sucking and fucking every cock that comes out of the holes.

She plans to narrate her adventure so he knows she will never again settle for his little penis, she will only get herself Giant COCK from now on.

And Big Cock is exactly what she gets coming out of every hole in the place. She takes them in her hot little mouth and not so little pussy anymore.

After both loads are down her throat and on her face she takes up her phone to get that cheating BF a final send off with her rewards dripping from her.

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Whitney Wright @ Manojob.com

Meet Dr. Whitney Wright!

She’s a successful therapist with a highly specialized practice. She’s a sex therapist…but not an ordinary one.

Dr. Wright isn’t interested in spicing up a long-time married couple, nor is she interested the the client who likes to go to strip joints from time to time.

Dr. Wright loves dealing with sexual deviants. You know, the guys who CAN’T drive by a strip club without visiting, even if Wifey has dinner waiting at the table.

She loves the perverts. Fellahs addicted to $40 street hookers and front-seat blowjobs.

Here’s the catch, though; Dr. Whitney Wright is a pervert herself. Doesn’t surprise you one bit, I’m sure. After all, it takes one to know one!

If you aren’t already, follow the official Whitney Wright Twitter account @WhitneyWrightX and enjoy my brother!!

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Adira Allure @ Manojob

Adira Allure is just like you: addicted to her phone. She’s also addicted to sex…just like all of us, right?

We all love sex, and there’s nothing wrong with it. Adira uses her phone and those “hook-up apps”, just like we all do.

Here’s her sneaky plan, and it works. A lot. Adira loves the tease of “sexting” and she loves dick pics and she loves first dates with a man she’s been sexting. It makes her little cunt tingle. So much so Adira will often rub one out before her date…OR: text her date “DOORS OPEN COME ON IN!” minutes before he’s supposed to arrive.

While she’s playing with her cunt! It’s a sneaky, slutty plan that works way more often than you’d think!

OH! And if you wanna follow Adira on Twitter: @AnythingForA

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Alena Croft @ BlacksOnBlondes.com

Alena Croft has a special relationship with Hubby.

When he’s away on a business trip (which is often), she’s allowed to invited one of her Bulls over to keep her satisfied until Hubby can make it back.

Hubby, in return, gets to watch the action up close and personal via naughty pictures and video Alena captures during her sexy times.

Hubby and Alena are both excited about today’s session, because Alena’s Bull is huge — even for BBC standards — and The Bull loves shit talking both Hubby and Alena as he has his way.

Did I mention Alena invites her lovers to the Marital Bed?

That’s right — no cheap motels or even classy hotels for Alena and her Bulls…they fuck Alena in the same bed she shares with Hubby.

Talk about Marital Bliss!

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Veruca James, Gabriella Paltrova @ Manojob – Slut vs. Slut 2

In the end of 2013, Miley Mae and Nadine Sage went Mano y Mano to see who could out-slut the other. I’m not sure who won…maybe the members of ManoJob?

Fast forward to 2016, and we’ve got a new slut-off: Gabriella “Gabby” Paltrova versus Veruca James. Both whores are well-known among the members here, and both wage a battle to see who earns the load today.

Let Round 2 begin!

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Riley Reid, Melissa Moore @ Manojob – Sibling Rivalry!

Melissa Moore and Riley Reid are step sisters — same mom, different dad. I mean just look at them! Same eyes, same face…just WOW.

Riley’s always been the “adventurous” one, while Melissa’s been a little more reserved.

Melissa just turned 18, and the boys are coming at her…hard. Time for “evil” older sis to teach the younger one a lesson in everything from milking to taking a big one on the face!

Who’s gonna win this stroke off? You be the judge!

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Kymberlee Anne @ Manojob – Exxxtra Credit

Kymberlee Anne is your student, and wouldn’t you know it? A week into her freshman year in community college, she’s already failed her first exam.

She’s come to your office after class, and she wants to get her grade up. She knows you’re horny (you didn’t hide your boner after she stared at your crotch for the first 15 minutes of the appointment), and she’s gonna make her move.

Yes, you can offer her some extra credit, and she can earn even more after you’re done…all she needs to do is pay a little attention to your teaching assistant!!

Hope Howell @ The Dick Suckers – Step-Brother Suck Off

You’ve got a crazy step-sister, and her name is Hope Howell. And let’s face it, you love her….it.

You love the fact that you’ve got a slutty new member of the family who walks around in her panties and frilly, see-through tops, showing off what she’s got while she looks down at your crotch and smiles.

Right in front of the parents! And when they leave, it’s ON.

Hope is an overzealous cock sucker, and you love it. Who wouldn’t?!?

When it’s time to dump a load on “sis”, you know right where she wants it.


Melissa Moore @ Manojob – Let’s Close This Deal!

In some other parallel Universe, Melissa Moore and Riley Reid are sisters. In this Universe, she’s your step-daughter, and she’s about to help you close a big business deal.

Cause you’re stressed, and it shows, and Melissa, being the good step-daughter, wants to make sure you’re relaxed and confident walking into your meeting.

Then, she’ll take this even further and help your future business partner make up his mind to bring you aboard, too.

What a good little slut!

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Anna De Ville @ Manojob – Busted!

Anna DeVille first showed up on our family of sites over at Mr. POV, when she was calling herself Anna Lee.

She’s a busty, barely-legal slut who gave up her asshole on that site.

For ManoJob, she uses just her bare hands, her panties, and some great panty tease to work a load from Stunt Cock.

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