Meet Dr. Whitney Wright!

She’s a successful therapist with a highly specialized practice. She’s a sex therapist…but not an ordinary one.

Dr. Wright isn’t interested in spicing up a long-time married couple, nor is she interested the the client who likes to go to strip joints from time to time.

Dr. Wright loves dealing with sexual deviants. You know, the guys who CAN’T drive by a strip club without visiting, even if Wifey has dinner waiting at the table.

She loves the perverts. Fellahs addicted to $40 street hookers and front-seat blowjobs.

Here’s the catch, though; Dr. Whitney Wright is a pervert herself. Doesn’t surprise you one bit, I’m sure. After all, it takes one to know one!

If you aren’t already, follow the official Whitney Wright Twitter account @WhitneyWrightX and enjoy my brother!!



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