Shiloh Sharada @ Manojob

The thing I like best about Porn Valley is its “revolving door” when it comes to new models. Just as a few jump on the bus to leave town, a few get off and start looking to work.

Enter Shiloh Sharada.

Shiloh’s a “freshie”, and a cute freshie at that! And get this — she’s down with the J.O.E.!

For a first-timer, Shiloh did a great job rolling her way through all 16 minutes of this jerk flick. She’s petite and has some of the greatest dimples ever.

Her tits are natural, a touch on the small side…but perky. You can bounce a feather off her ass. And her cunt? It’s just like Christmas Morning. Or an holiday buffet.

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Dava Foxx @ TheDickSuckers

Dava Foxx used to be a reality show TV star, which would make sense. Reality TV is, in a way, porn.

So the transfer from Reality TV Star to Porn Star would make sense. Dava Foxx demands your attention.

She’ll do what it take to win your heart, and today she does just that.

It’s just another step that started with ManoJob and will continue on to Mr. POV’s lair.

So kick back and enjoy Dava, my brotha!


Iris Rose @ Manojob

Iris Rose makes her debut at the fresh ripe age of 18.

She hails from the Great State of Texas, and just like everything from Texas, Iris has some of the biggest naturals we’ve ever seen on a barely-legal.

They’re simply amazing.

Her JOE ain’t too bad, either!

I dunno about you, but where were all these naughty teens when I was 18?! Good lawd!

She jerks and strokes and milks Stunt Cock with the greatest of ease, until she’s a cummy mess. Which is just the way this little whore likes it.

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Trillium @ TheDickSuckers

Trillium is good. Really good. But you probably know this by now.

She started her adventure on our family of sites over at Mr. POV, where she drained his balls good. But some of you weren’t happy with the swallow, so when she showed up on the ManoJob set, she asked for a double pop. We couldn’t have agreed with her more.

For this final go-around, Trillium really wanted to please you guys, and I told her the facial fans have felt let down a little lately.

So this scene is her response to that.

Enjoy my brothas!