Adria Rae @ Manojob – Make it Grow!

Y’all met Adria Rae a couple weeks ago over at ManoJob’s sister site — The Dick Suckers — and all the members really liked her. Here she is, again, turning in another strong performance.

Adria’s fairly new to Porn Valley, and she’s the archetype of girl-next-door. The girl who just served you a coffee, bagged your groceries, baby sat your kid…you know, a hot girl working a part-time job in order to get through college.

Today Adria’s gonna make you grow, using only her hands. She might cheat a bit — sticking it in her hot, wet cunt for a single-stroke — but it’s that tease that will make you bust all over her face way harder than normal.

Which is exactly what Adria Rae desires.

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Yhivi @ TheDickSuckers – Hard Workin’ Babysitter!

Yhivi’s your babysitter, and she’s a thankful babysitter. She’s in community college, and the gigs you’re giving her help keep Yhivi out of debt…barely.

Perhaps there’s a little something more she can do for you…you know, maybe tip her an extra couple bucks so she has some money to do something over the weekend?

You know where this one is going.


Kira Noir @ Manojob – Moving!

Kira Noir is one broke college student.

In fact, her mom had to lend her money to hire you and the crew to help move her to a new apartment. Kira’s a sweetheart, though, and she wants to tip you very badly.

So much so, since she doesn’t have any cash, how about a quick handie? Afterall, a handjob isn’t sex, so it’s not like she’s cheating on her boyfriend!

And when one of your crew pops in just as you’re popping on Kira, she’s so nice she’s going to get your crew guy off, too!

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Adria Rae @ TheDickSuckers – Just Friends

You and Adria Rae are platonic friends, but that doesn’t mean you two haven’t been flirting with each other. You have.

So when Adria shows you the sexy outfit just gonna wear out on “date night” with her boyfriend, it’s natural you’re going to pop a boner.

Adria notices, and the next thing you know, Adria is giving you some hot “JOE” and, before long, the dress is off and she’s on her knees.

Better finish up quick, before The Boyfriend arrives.

Oh yea, and make sure Adria has a few extra minutes to clean your jizz off her face. Afterall, her boyfriend might get pissed.


Nikki Next @ TheDickSuckers – Cum Starved Cutie

You first met Nikki Next about 6 months ago, and you met her over at The Dick Suckers’ sister site — ManoJob.

Today she’s stepping up her game a bit and blowing you. Nikki’s got what it takes in the JOE game, and her mouth is as soft and wet as you’d imagine her cunt to be.

Which, by the way, is probably next. You reading this, Mister POV?


Aria Alexander @ Manojob – Fill My Hands

Aria Alexander knows you’re married, and that’s OK with her. She’s in a relationship, too. This makes you both cheaters, which, of course, makes everything more exciting.

Aria‘s missed your cock in her mouth, but today’s a tease session, with Aria doing all the work with her hands. She’ll allow you to stroke it as she strips and encourages you to do so, and when she takes over, it’s nothing but pure pleasure.

Aria milks you til completion, and you’ll spray her face with your cum. Cause that’s how Aria Alexander rolls.

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Shawna Lenee @ TheDickSuckers

We just recently featured the beautiful blonde Shawna Lenee over at TDS’s sister site, ManoJob, where, as a sperm bank nurse, she aided in a donation-gone-wrong.

Today, she’s here to just straight-up suck your cock. She’s been in and out of Porn Valley since she turned 18, and whether she was Kara Bare, Kara Mynor, or Shawna, she’s always delivered a helluva scene.

“Shawna Sucks!” is no exception. It’s a play on words, of course, because of course Shawna sucks…but only in the very best way possible.


Amarna Miller @ TheDickSuckers

Amarna Miller hails from Spain, and she’s one sexy slut.

You’ll love it when she drifts into her native language during this session, and you know they’re truly slutty when they’re paid for a BJ scene, but they can’t help but slip the dick into their wet cunt.

Amarna does exactly that until it’s time to paint her face, which our Stunt Cock does in a most-excellent way.